Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting Tuesday, September 14, 2021

1)         Open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

2)         District 22 Roll Call –  Officers; Elena B. DCM, Joe M. Treasurer, Frank W. Officer At Large/GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Drew GVR/GSR Life or Death, Sharon M. Secretary/GSR Stepping on the Line, Jim L. GSR Keep it Simple, Kate C. GSR 164 & More, Ralph B. GSR J.A.M., Vlad GSR Pennypack Men’s, Ed Q. GSR St. Andrew’s in the Field/Somerton, Jennifer D. Acting GSR Young Women’s, Brian M. GSR. Mother of Perpetual Help, Tom B. GSR/Ed B. ALT GSR Mayfair Holmesburg, Pat M. Temp GSR – N.U.T.S., Sunny R. GSR Pennypack

3)         DCM Elena B.’s report:  – Elena and Jim L attended the Area 59 Quarterly Meeting.  She will submit expenses for reimbursement at a later date and we will vote as a group. 

  1. Pat Fallon – former delegate and Social Secretary for EPGSA Committee spoke on all the benefits of attending the conference on November 12-14, 2021.
  1. Registration Now Open and in person! The link for registration is:

  1. GSR Meeting – October 12th – Guest speaker from Bridging the Gap
  2. Grapevine Workshop in December – more to come at a later date




4)         Treasurers Report; Joe M.

Beginning balance $4892.53. We had no expenses and received the following donations.

$50 Keep it Simple, $150 Life or Death, $80 Fox Chase, and another $25 Keep it Simple

New balance $5197.53


DONATIONS:  Groups and Individuals are encouraged to make Donations:

Venmo @ Joseph-McGarry-7 and please write “District22” in the remarks

5)         Old Business:  The Visitation Committee will be chairing the Tradition on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at Life or Death:

October 21-Frank, November 18-Sharon M. (Tradition 6)

6)         Literature Review:  October will be presented by Jim L.

7)         New Business:

  1. A) District 22 Meetings are still ONLINE until further notice!
  2. B) Motion to Pay for officers will be voted on next meeting.
  3. C) Donation to Hospitality table at EPGSA conference will be voted on.
  4. D) AA Fall Workshop with Combined Co-Districts will meet on zoom for planning. Join zoom meeting:

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021, 7:00pm

Meeting ID# 98611503189 Password 588932

8)         The Ninth Tradition: read by Joe M. Treasurer and discussed with group.

9)         Next Meeting Date; October 12, 2021 at 6:30 pm on Zoom

Meeting ID# 98611503189 Password 588932

Join Zoom Meeting


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10)       Responsibility Pledge:    I am responsible…

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,

I want the Hand of AA to always be there.  And for that “I am responsible”