Area 59 District 22 GSR Meeting Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

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*2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 p.m.

DCM: Bridget M. 267-432-1899

Treasurer: Arretta S. 215-208-7342

Secretary: Michelle K. 215-930-2102

Officer-at-Large: Tom G. 215-209-9240

I. Open Meeting with the Serenity Prayer

II. Read and discussed Tradition & Concept of the Month

III. District 22 Groups Roll Call

  1. 12 Rewards- Anniversary 11/29 @ 7pm   
  2. A Way Out Group 
  3. Auctus Group
  4. Breakdown the Book Group
  5. Bustleton Beginners Group
  6. Bustleton Group 
  7. Cottman Ave Group
  8. First Three Steps Group 
  9. Follow the Path Group 
  10. Fox Chase Group 
  11. Gas Works Group 
  12. Hand of God Group
  13. Hope Faith Group
  14. J.A.M. Group 
  15. Keeping It Real Group
  16. Keep it Simple Group 
  17. Life or Death Group 
  18. Man Cave Group 
  19. Mayfair-Holmesburg Group 
  20. Mayfair Mens Group
  21. Mens ER Group
  22. Morrell Park Women’s Group
  23. New Bustleton Group
  24. N.U.T.S. Group
  25. Pennypack Park Group- Russian speaking meeting every Thursday @ 9:30 PM. ** Russian speaking meeting will not be taking place on Thanksgiving** Morning meetings Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 10:30AM
  26. Rockledge Monday Niters Group
  27. Samurai Group
  28. Second Chance Beginners Group
  29. Second Chance Group
  30. Serenity Group 
  31. Sober Sisters Group
  32. Somerton Group
  33. Somerton Reality Group 
  34. Stepping on the Line
  35. Stepping Stones Group 
  36. Tacony Group 
  37. T.I.M.E. Group
  38. Together on Tuesday Group
  39. Tradesmen Group 
  40. Up for Grabs Group
  41. We Are Not Saints Group
  42. Wissinoming A.M. Group 
  43. Young Men’s Northeast Group 
  44. Young Women’s Group 

IV. 7th Tradition basket is passed.


V. Secretary’s Report: Secretary N/A

VI. Officer-at-Large Report:  Tom will be following up with all of the listed GSR’s in the district. Accepted

VII. DCM Report: Bridget Accepted

  • Sign-up Volunteer Sheet for November 30th Workshop
  • D22 Workshop Flyers: Hand out to groups and make announcements @ your groups and other meetings 
  • Upcoming Area Events: See for additional information
    • November 16th: District 36 workshop: Service 101 from 10AM-2PM @ Susquehanna Valley Evangelical Church, 6433 Union Deposit Rd., Harrisburg, PA, 17111
    • November 16th: District 64 workshop: The Ties that Bind-The Three Legacies from 10AM-2PM @ Calvary Church (West Entrance), 1051 Landis Valley Rd., Lancaster, PA, 17601
    • November 17th: Pre-Area Meeting (Area Officers Only) time and location TBD
    • November 17th: Hulmeville Group’s 34th Anniversary from 7PM-9PM @ Neshaminy United Methodist Church, 325 Main St., Hulmeville, PA, 19047
    • December 8th: Quarterly Area 59 Committee Meeting from 11AM-5PM (doors open @ 8AM) @ The American Legion Post 10 Fort, 493 S. Bethlehem Pike, Fort Washington, PA, 19034
    • December 14th: Hershey 62 Anniversary Dinner from 5:30-9PM @ Derry Presbyterian Church-Hershey, 248 East Derry Rd., Hershey, PA, 17036
    • December 15th: District 26 workshop: Importance of the Voice in the Homegroup from 12PM-3PM @ SEPIA office, 444 North 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA, 19123
    • December 24th: Holiday Alcathon from 5PM Dec. 24th to 5PM Dec. 25th @ Media Boro Hall Community Center, 3rd & Jackson Sts., Media, PA
    • March 26th-29th: XVIII Annual Eastern Area Convention of Young People in AA (EACYPAA) @ The Westin Pittsburgh, 1000 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

VIII. ADCM Report: N/A accepted

IX. Treasurer’s Report: Arretta- Accepted

Old New

Opening Balance: $2575.29            $2300.36

Basket:                    $17.00 $16

Donations:             $25.00 $125.00

Sub-Total:              $42.00 $2300.36

Deductions:           $0.       $305.058

Ending Balance: $2617.29.               $2,441.16 

Donations: Keep it simple- $50.00

                    Morrell- $50.00

                    Bustelton- $25.00

X. Committees: Accepted

  • Visitation: Volunteers are Ruthie, Sean, Dan, Larry, and Tom. Groups Visited: 
  • Web Site: Ron from Mayfair/Holmesburg has agreed to help design the website and keep it up to date. Website has monthly notes, events, ect.: Service manual link is available. Will add monthly meeting minutes as well. 
  • Literature Committee:  Volunteer every month to pick one piece of Literature and speak on it at each district meeting. Joe Volunteered for the month of November 

(The A.A. group where it all begins: Bob H. Pennypack) 

  • Workshop: The next workshop will be November 30th workshop and the location was confirmed to be held @ Wissinoming United Methodists Church from 11AM-3PM. Volunteers include:  Bridget, Dan, Lauren, Michelle, Bob, Kevin, Elena, John, Will, and Arretta. Voted on theme: “The AA group and How it functions”. Confirmed price of $100. 

XI. Traditions Committee- Life or Death Every Thurs 6pm

November Traditions: #7-10

● November 7th Tradition 7: Bob H. 

● November 14th Tradition 8: Tom

● November 21st Tradition 9: Kevin

● November 28th Tradition 10: No meeting-alkathon for thanksgiving 

December Traditions: #11-12; 1-2

● December 5th Tradition 11: Joe

● December 12th Tradition 12: Bob H. 

● December 19th Tradition 1: Sean

● December 26th Tradition 2: Dan S. 

 Take your own Tradition book – they’re in short supply.

XII. Old Business: Accepted

  • Vote on D22 workshop theme: “AA group and How it functions”
  • Total headcount of GSR for Area Inventory on October 20th.
  • Need to vote for a prudent reserve
  • 22 groups have donated to the area in the last 3 years

XIII. New Business: Accepted

  • Nominations for Secretary and ADCM
  • Sign-up sheet for Workshop
  • Prudent reserve: $1500
  • Last Thursday-LOD-3 out of 4 weeks 
  • Secretary: Michelle K.
  • ADCM: Rebecca/Elena

XIV. Next Meeting Date: December 10th, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.

XV: End Meeting with The Responsibility Pledge