Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting Tuesday, March 8, 2022

1) Open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

2) District 22 Roll Call – Officers: Frank W. DCM/GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Joe. Treasurer, Sharon M. Secretary/GSR Stepping on the Line, Stanley OAL/GSR Life or Death, Jim L. GSR Keep it Simple, Ruthie ALT. GSR Young Women’s, Tom B. GSR and Perry S. ALT. GSR Mayfair Holmesburg, , Ralph GSR J.A.M., Kate C.
GSR 164 and More, John K. GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Tim M. GSR Morrell Park Men’s Group, Anne D., GSR Cottman Avenue Group

AREA 59 Events SEPIA Events

3) DCM Report – Frank W.: 1) Frank talked about the upcoming EPGSA Pre Conference Sharing Session
Monday March 19, 2022 – 10AM to 4PM. All GSRS should attend. An email was sent about joining a group. Please click on the link, then click "Ask to join group." In
either the "display name" field or the "reason for joining" field, please include a mention of your position, group, or
district. Please discuss topics with your group and report back to Frank by phone: 267-262-7178 or email:

4) Treasurers Report – Joe M. Our beginning balance was $4166.27. We received $200.00 from Life or
Death and $50.00 from Keep it Simple. We had no deductions this month. Our new balance is $4416.27.
Donations: Groups and Individuals are encouraged to make Donations: Venmo @ Joseph-McGarry-7 and please
write "District22" in the remarks

5) Old Business: 1) Jim L. attended NERAASA 2022 and gave a report. Please see the attached GSR
Roundtable notes. 2) The group has been taking turns chairing the Tradition Meeting at Life or Death, however we
need to revisit this commitment. We will TABLE this until the next meeting when we can get more information from
Stan OAL/GSR Life or Death.

6) Literature Review: April will be presented by Ruthie.

7) New Business: 1) We unanimously voted to reimburse Jim L. for travel expenses to the NERAASA 2022
conference. 2) The group unanimously voted for Jim L to be our Alternate DCM. 3) The group unanimously voted
to start meeting in-person at Mayfair Holmesburg.

8) The Third Tradition: read by Joe M. Treasurer and discussed with group.

9) The next meeting is IN-PERSON on April 12. 2022 at 6:30 PM at Mayfair Holmesburg, Saints United
Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136

Responsibility Pledge: I am responsible… When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the Hand of AA to always be there… And for that “I am responsible"