Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting
Tuesday, September 13, 2022


1) Open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

2) District 22 Roll Call – Officers: Frank W. DCM, Jim L. ADCM, Joe M. Treasurer, Sharon M.
Secretary/GSR Stepping on the Line, John K. GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Tom B. GSR/Perry S. ALT. GSR
Mayfair Holmesburg, Ed. GSR Follow the Path, Ralph GSR J.A.M., Kate C. GSR 164 and More, Angela GSR
Tacony Group, Michele Massey GSR Pennypack Women’s;

AREA 59 Events SEPIA Events

3) DCM Report – Frank W.: 1) Frank attended the 3rd Quarterly Meeting (Reports are available – email 2) Please check out for AA information, calendar with event flyers
and other AA goodies. 3) EPGSA conference registration is open – it is a voting year so please attend!

4) Combined Districts Workshop – September 24, 2022, at Bridesburg Rec Center.doors open at 9 AM.
4) Treasurers Report – Joe M. Beginning balance was $4199.17. We received $80 from Fox Chase Group
and $25 from Keep it Simple. We donated $350 to SEPIA, $350 TO AREA 59, $350 to GSO, $250 to EPGSA
Hospitality Suite, and $260 for the ADCM to attend the EPGSA Convention. (His home group paid the other half).
The ending Balance is $2744.17. Donations: Groups and Individuals are encouraged to make Donations: Venmo
@ Joseph-McGarry-7 and please write “District22″ in the remarks

5) Old Business: 1) Jim and John are going to speak on Service (at the Combined Workshop) and Michelle
and possibly Frank will speak on Unity.

6) Literature Review: Angela presented literature on the pamphlet “AA Inside the Walls – P26” Angela will
present literature for the October meeting as well!

7) New Business: 1). We will be nominating a DCM and ADCM for Panel 71 at next October’s GSR meeting
and we will officially Vote at November’s meeting.

8) The Ninth Tradition: read and discussed by all members of the group.

9) The next meeting is IN-PERSON on October 11. 2022 at *** 6:30 PM at Mayfair Holmesburg, Saints
United Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136 Please use the Ryan Ave Entrance.

Responsibility Pledge: I am responsible… When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the Hand of AA to always be there… And for that “I am responsible”