Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Area 59 – District 22 GSR meeting
Tuesday, October 11, 2022


1) Open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

2) District 22 Roll Call – Officers: Frank W. DCM, Jim L. ADCM, Joe M. Treasurer, Sharon M.
Secretary/GSR Stepping on the Line, John K. GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Tom B. GSR/Perry S. ALT. GSR
Mayfair Holmesburg, Ed D. GSR Follow the Path, Ralph GSR J.A.M., Kate C. GSR 164 and More, Michele M.
GSR Pennypack Women’s, Jim N. GSR Monday Niters, Dave C. GSR Hope Group, Chip F. ALT GSR Hope Group,
Zelia B. GSR Sober sisters; Pat F. Past Delegate/Guest Speaker – presented an overview and benefits of
attending/registering for the EPGSA conference in November.

AREA 59 Events SEPIA Events

3) DCM Report – Frank W.: 1) Frank attended Area Day in Mechanicsburg; Group events (flyers) can be
posted on the website – please email 2) Please check out for AA
information, calendar with event flyers and other AA goodies. 3) EPGSA conference registration is open – it is a
voting year so please attend! 4) Bridging the Gap is still looking for volunteers – please consider signing up!; We
might want to consider having a Grapevine Representative or Bridging the Gap representative at the District level.

4) Treasurers Report – Joe M. Our opening balance was $2744.17, the workshop expenses were $141.66
($46.94 Sam’s club, $12.72 Giant and $82.00 to District 60, snacks, pizza, etc.). Travel expenses were $180.00 for
Frank W to attend the 3rd quarterly meeting, and $13.80 at Staples for office supplies. We received $100.00 from
Young Men’s NE, $200.00 from Mayfair/Holmesburg, $25.00 from Keep It Simple, and $150.00 from Life or
Death. Our new balance is $2883.71. Donations: Groups and Individuals are encouraged to make Donations:
Venmo @ Joseph-McGarry-7 and please write “District22″ in the remarks

5) Old Business: 1) Nominations: Jim N. nominated Frank W. for the DCM position, Joe M. seconded it.
John K. nominated Jim N. for the ADCM position, Kate seconded it. Joe M. nominated Michelle M. for the
Treasurer position, Kate C. seconded it. We will vote at the November meeting.

6) Literature Review: Frank W. spoke on P-86. Ralph will present literature for the November meeting.

7) New Business: 1) We had a discussion about the benefits of obtaining an EZ Pass to keep down the fees
when traveling to District/Area events, etc. A motion was made to vote next meeting. 2) We will discuss Visitation
as to groups who do not have a GSR to form a “Fellowship Connection” – F.W.

8) The Tenth Tradition: read and discussed by all members of the group.

9) The next meeting is IN-PERSON on November 8, 2022 at *** 6:30 PM at Mayfair Holmesburg, Saints
United Lutheran Church, 3200 Ryan Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136 Please use the Ryan Ave Entrance.

Responsibility Pledge: I am responsible… When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,
I want the Hand of AA to always be there… And for that “I am responsible”