Area 59 District 22 GSR Meeting Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

Area 59 District 22 GSR Meeting Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

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*2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 p.m.
DCM: Gail M. 215- 459-4750
ADCM: Bridget M. 267-432-1899
Secretary: Ed Q. 215-313-3836
Treasurer: Arretta S. 215-208-7342
Officer-at-Large: Tom G. 215-209-9240
I. Open Meeting with the Serenity Prayer
II. District 22 Groups Roll Call (16 GSR’s/2 Alt GSR’s):

  1. 12 Rewards
  2. A Way Out Group *
  3. Auctus Group *
  4. Breakdown the Book Group
  5. Bustleton Beginners Group
  6. Bustleton Group *
  7. Cottman Ave Group
  8. First Three Steps Group
  9. Follow the Path Group * May extend the meeting 15 minutes per group conscious
  10. Fox Chase Group *
  11. Gas Works Group *
  12. Hand of God Group
  13. Hope Faith Group
  14. J.A.M. Group *
  15. Keeping It Real Group
  16. Keep it Simple Group *
  17. Life or Death Group *
  18. Man Cave Group * Needs support with the Tuesday Beginners meeting @ 7PM
  19. Mayfair-Holmesburg Group *
  20. Mayfair Mens Group
  21. Mens ER Group
  22. Morrell Park Women’s Group
  23. New Bustleton Group
  24. N.U.T.S. Group
  25. Pennypack Park Group * Wednesday Big Book meeting was from 8-9PM but will now
    be extended from 8-9:30PM
  26. Rockledge Monday Niters Group
  27. Samurai Group
  28. Second Chance Beginners Group
  29. Second Chance Group
  30. Serenity Group *
  31. Sober Sisters Group
  32. Somerton Group
  33. Somerton Reality Group *
  34. Stepping on the Line
  35. Stepping Stones Group *
  36. Tacony Group *
  37. T.I.M.E. Group
  38. Together on Tuesday Group
  39. Tradesmen Group
  40. Up for Grabs Group
  41. We Are Not Saints Group *
  42. Wissinoming A.M. Group
  43. Young Men’s Northeast Group *
  44. Young Women’s Group *
    III. 7th Tradition basket is passed.
    IV. Reports:
    ● Secretary’s Report: Secretary N/A- previous meeting minutes approved.
    ● Officer-at-Large Report: Tom present- no report
    V. Committees: Accepted
    ● Visitation: Volunteers are Ruthie, Sean, Dan, Larry, and Tom. Meeting updates
    ● Web Site: Ron from Mayfair/Holmesburg has agreed to help design the website and
    keep it up to date.
    ● Literature Committee: Will need volunteer every month to pick one piece of Literature
    and speak on it at each district meeting. Ruth from Gas Works presented on the “A
    Guide for the Beginner” Pamphlet.
    ● Workshop: The next workshop will be November 30th workshop and the location was
    confirmed to be held @ Wissinoming United Methodists Church from 11AM-3PM. Flyers
    to follow at the next business meeting. Volunteers include: Bridget, Dan, Lauren,
    Michelle, Bob, Kevin, Elena, John, Will, and Arretta. Planning meeting will be set up
    amongst volunteers to discuss theme and details.
    VI. Traditions Committee- Life or Death Every Thurs 6pm

September Traditions: #7-10
● September 5 Tradition 7: Ruthie
● September 12 Tradition 8: John
● September 19 Tradition 9: Kevin
● September 26 Tradition 10: Dan
October Traditions: #2-6
● October 3rd Tradition 11: Bob
● October 10th Tradition 12: Ruthie
● October 17th Tradition 1: Kevin D.
● October 24th Tradition 2: Bridget
● October 31st Tradition 3: Nelson
Take your own Tradition book – they’re in short supply.
VII. Treasurer’s Report: Arretta- N/A accepted

Old New
Opening Balance: $2960.29 N/A
Basket: $24.00 N/A
Donations: $ 0 N/A
Sub-Total: $2984.29. N/A
Deductions: $ 0. N/A
Ending Balance: $2984.29. N/A
VIII. DCM Report: Bridget Accepted
● Quarterly Area 59 Meeting on 9/8/19
○ Suggestion of $25 donation from each district towards the EPGSA hospitality room.
Individual Groups can donate also.
○ All GSR’s invites to Area Inventory on October 20th. Need total count of GSR’s
○ Registration for the International AA Convention in Detroit on July 2-5th 2020 will open
up on Sept. 9th, 2019
● All Groups Contact Info is updated on the Area 59 webpage. If anyone still hasn’t
received their beginners packet, please see me after the meeting to follow up
● Upcoming Area Events: See for additional information
○ September 20th-22nd: National AA Technology Workshop @ Holiday Inn
University Plaza ~ Sloan Convention Center, 1021 Wilkinson Trace Bowling
Green, KY 42103 United States

○ September 28th: The Many Aspects of Service: AA’s Singleness of Service
Workshop (Districts 61 & 41) from 10AM-2PM @ St. Paul’s Lutheran Church @
158 Fish Hill Road Tannersville, PA 18326 United States
○ September 28th: Harrisburg Area Intergroup Corrections Committee 2019
Workshop from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM @ Colonial Park United Church of Christ, 5000
Devonshire Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17109 United States; Registration begins @
3:30PM. Snacks and beverages provided
○ September 28th: District 63 Workshop “Our 3 Legacies and Sponsorship” from
10:00AM -4:00 PM @ 521 Club, 2400 Butter Rd. Lancaster, PA
○ September 29th: District 51 Picnic from 11:00AM -4:00 PM @ Core Creek State
Park, Pavilion 6, Langhorne, P

○ October 5th: Live and Let Live Fall Workshop from 11AM-3PM @ Upper Oxford
Community Park, 177 Catamount Rd. Oxford, PA United States
○ October 12th: Bridging the Gap Workshop (Districts 29, 30, 31, 32, and 54) from
9AM-3PM @ Tree of Life Church, 933 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA, 19064
○ October 19th: 20th Anniversary Longtimers Panel from 9AM-12PM @ Brookside
Manor, 50 Bustelton Pike Feasterville, PA 19053 United States. Cost: $15
○ October 19th: District 21 Workshop “When One Alcoholic Speaks to
Another..Healing Begins” from 12PM-3PM @ Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
877 Street Rd. Southampton, PA 18966
○ October 20th: Area Inventory starting at 8:30AM @ Easy Does It Recovery
Community Center, 1300 Hilltop Rd. Leesport, PA, 19533
○ November 1st-3rd: 62nd Annual EPGSA Convention @ Wyndham Lancaster
Resort and Convention Center, 2300 Lincoln Highway East Lancaster, PA 17602
United States.
○ November 17th: Pre-Area Meeting (Area Officers Only) time and location TBD
○ December 8th: Quarterly Area 59 Committee Meeting from 11AM-5PM (doors
open @ 8AM) @ The American Legion Post 10 Fort, 493 S. Bethlehem Pike, Fort
Washington, PA, 19034
IX. ADCM Report: N/A accepted
X. Old Business: Accepted
● Voted confirming keeping District 22 workshop on Nov 30th versus joining the
Combined District on Sept 28th. November 30th Workshop location confirmed @
Wissinoming United Methodist Church from 11AM-3PM.
● Ed stepped down as Secretary. Looking for nominations for new Secretary

● Gail stepped down as DCM. Bridget will be moving up to DCM. Will need new ADCM and
nominations to follow @ next district meeting.
● Make sure you’ve registered for the EPGSA and book your hotel room ASAP since rooms
fill up quickly. Remind your groups know soon in case they are funding your trip. You
can register online or print out the registration packet on

XI. New Business: Accepted
● Will table filling Secretary and ADCM positions till November
XII. Read and discussed Tradition & Concept of the Month
XIII. Next Meeting Date: October 8th , 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.
XIV: End Meeting with The Responsibility Pledge