Area 59 District 22 GSR Meeting Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

**2nd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30 P.M.**

DCM: Elena 484-809-1477

ADCM: Dan S (215)-971-6352

Treasurer: Joe M. (215)-840-8303

Officer-at-Large: Lou T.

Secretary: Michelle K. 215-930-2102


  1. Open Meeting with the Serenity Prayer


  1. Pat F., Past Delegate will be speaking on the upcoming EPGSA


III. District 22 Groups Roll Call: Zoom Meetings that they have now and discuss if they will be opening up or any events/anniversaries

  1. 12 Rewards
  2. A Way Out Group
  3. Auctus Group: Inside meetings are not happening anymore. All meetings moved back onto zoom. Monday-Friday @ 7pm, Saturday @9am, Sunday @7pm. ID:605-594-904 password: 162500
  4. Breakdown the Book Group
  5. Bustleton Beginners Group
  6. Bustleton Group:
  7. Cottman Ave Group:
  8. First Three Steps Group
  9. Follow the Path Group: Indoors @6pm-Friday, Masks, 25 people limit
  10. Fox Chase Group
  11. Gas Works Group:
  12. Hand of God Group
  13. Hope Faith Group
  14. A.M. Group: Monday @6:30pm at the same location as Mayfair-Holmesburg meeting is. (Ralph GSR)
  15. Keeping It Real Group
  16. Keep it Simple Group: Not starting live again until the Schools go back (maybe beginning of September) Also No zoom meetings for this group)
  17. Life or Death Group: Meetings inside @ 10am,12pm,6pm,8pm,10pm) *Masks are not required but encouraged* Drew GSR, ALT GSR-Matt
  18. Man Cave Group
  19. Mayfair-Holmesburg Group: Live meetings Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday @ 6:30pm. **Have to wear masks** ( If it rains meeting can go inside) Bring your own chair/coffee/book
  20. Mayfair Mens Group
  21. Mens ER Group
  22. Morrell Park Women’s Group
  23. New Bustleton Group
  24. U.T.S. Group
  25. Pennypack Park Group
  26. Rockledge Monday Niters Group
  27. Russian Speaking Sober Philly: Live meetings Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 8pm- Location is at 369 Pennypack. (Outside) 1 hour meeting. If it’s under 25 people the group can go inside w/masks. Vlad 1 year anniversary meeting last Saturday
  28. Samurai Group
  29. Second Chance Beginners Group
  30. Second Chance Group
  31. Serenity Group
  32. Sober Sisters Group
  33. Somerton Group
  34. Somerton Reality Group
  35. Stepping on the Line
  36. Stepping Stones Group: Meetings inside Monday-Friday @9am – Saturday- Sunday 10am, bring your own coffee ( Night time meetings are the same for their typical times depending on the night)
  37. Tacony Group
  38. I.M.E. Group
  39. Together on Tuesday Group
  40. Tradesmen Group
  41. We Are Not Saints Group:
  42. Wissinoming A.M. Group
  43. Young Men’s Northeast Group
  44. Young Women’s Group: Live meetings Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday @7pm Zoom meetings are Monday/Tuesday/Friday @7pm


IV.. 7th Tradition: Sending individual and group donations through Venmo temporarily. VENMO username: @Life-or-death and put “District 22” in the subject line when sending donations



  1. Secretary’s Report: Michelle K.


  1. Officer-at-Large Report: Tom G. N/A
  2. DCM Report:Bridget M.
  • Upcoming Area Events: See for additional information
    • December 13th: AQ1 Panel 71 Area Meeting, Meeting @ 11AM-4PM.


VII. ADCM Report: Elena B.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Arretta

                                    Old                     New

Opening Balance:    $2498.36             $2464.36

Basket:                                                  $25 (mayfair)

Donations:                $275                   $340.00 ($100, $40 JAM, $200 LOD)

Sub-Total:                                            $2829.36

Deductions:               $0                     

Ending Balance:      $2451.36            $2829.36


  1. Committees: Accepted
  • Visitation: Lou


  • Web Site: Tom B. is helping with the Website, monthly notes, events, ect. Added the GSR Orientation Guide (PDF)


  • Literature Committee:  Volunteer every month to pick one piece of Literature and speak on it at each district meeting. Tom B. volunteered for the month of September. (Table)


  1. Traditions Committee- Life or Death Every Thurs 6pm


November Traditions: #

  • November 5th Tradition 5: Joe M.
  • November 12th Tradition 6: Lou
  • November 19th Tradition 7: John K
  • November 26th Tradition 8: Lou or alkathon?



Joe M. Volunteered to cover Elena’s commitment 9/24!


December Traditions: #9-12 #1

  • December 3th Tradition 9: Joe M.
  • December 10th Tradition 10:Joe H.
  • December 17th Tradition 11:
  • December 24th Tradition 12:Alcathon?
  • December 31st Tradition 1:


** If you are not able to make the meeting, PLEASE call Michelle, Elena, Dan, or Lou and let them know** Take your own Tradition book – they’re in short supply.


XII. Old Business: Accepted

  • There was an issue with the server that our district 22 website was on. Ron G. helped us originally to create the website for us prior and has now been helping to rebuild it for us. It costs $5/month, which Ron was paying for out of pocket. Would implore reimbursing Ron for prior months and also setting up district 22’s account to pay for future payments. And also to Thank Ron and Tom for their time and service with it!


XIII. New Business: Accepted

– Elected New Officers

Elections for District 22: Officers

ADCM: Dan S!

Treasurer: Joe M.

Officer At Large: Lout T!

Secretary: Michelle!



XIV. Next Meeting Date: December 8th, 2020 @ 6:30 PM. LIVE @ 3200 Ryan Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136. Will be outside but will go inside the gym if it rains. Bring a chair, your 12&12, and a mask. Can’t wait to see you!


XV: End Meeting with The Responsibility Pledge


“I am responsible…

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.”