71st General Service Conference Committees

Preliminary Agenda Items

As a reminder, this year the Preliminary Agenda Items list includes the agenda items forwarded by the 70th General Service Conference to the 71st General Service Conference. It was our first virtual Conference and the members agreed to focus on essential business only. All forwarded agenda items will be identified by adding a “+” in front of each item.

Below are the preliminary agenda items for the 71st General Service Conference committees as of November 11, 2020. During the January 2021 meetings of the trustees’ committees, additional items received by the December 15th deadline may be assigned to appropriate Conference committees. Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary list and agenda items may be added or subject to change by the trustees’ committees at the January board weekend.


I.         Agenda

  • +Review the General Service Conference Evaluation Form, process and 2019 Evaluation Summary.
  • +Review the 2019 January Conference Call participant survey results.
  • +Discuss report  on  the  Conference  Agenda  Process  from     the  trustees’ Committee on the General Service Conference.
  • +Discuss the General Service Conference schedule.
    • Review suggestions for the theme of the 2022 General Service
    • Review presentation/discussion topic ideas for the 2022 General Service Conference.
    • Discuss workshop topic ideas for the 2022 General Service
    • Review the General Service Conference Evaluation Form, process and 2020 Evaluation

II.       Archives

  • +Review Archives Workbook.

III.     Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • +Discuss progress report on LinkedIn page implementation.
  • +Consider a request to create a pamphlet for mental health professionals.
  • +Review contents of C.P.C. Kit and Workbook.

IV.     Corrections

  • Review contents of Corrections Kit and

V.      Finance 

  • +Review Self-Support Packet.
  • +Review the pamphlet “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality  Mix” and consider a request regarding contribution percentages to service entities.
  • Reconsider the 1972 G.S.C. Action stating “G.S.O. should not accept contributions from clubs, listed or known as such, whether or not composed solely of A.A. members. Contributions are welcome from groups meeting in clubs as long as they are sent in the name of the group.”
  • Review suggested area contribution for delegate expense for the Conference.
  • Review the Conference-approved level of $10,000 for individual bequests to the General Service Board from A.A. Members.
  • Review the Conference-approved maximum annual contribution of $5,000 to the General Service Board from an individual A.A. Member.

VI.     Grapevine and La Viña

  • +Review progress report on AA Grapevine Workbook revisions.
  • +Review progress report on actions taken from the findings of the AA Grapevine Fellowship Feedback Survey.
  • +Consider a  request  to  develop  an  AA  Grapevine  pamphlet  on  how  AA Grapevine can be utilized to carry the A.A. message.
  • Review generalized language options to the A.A.
  • Review progress report on development of Instagram



VII.   International Conventions/Regional Forums

  • Discuss ways to encourage interest in Regional Forums and attract first-time attendees.
  • Discuss use of the Lord’s Prayer for closing Big Meetings at the International Convention.


VIII.  Literature 

  • +The pamphlet “A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic” be updated to include fresh stories and a new title that is respectful and inclusive.
  • +Review proposed  “A.A.W.S.  Policy  on  Conversion of Written Conference- approved Literature and Service Material into Video Format.”
  • +Consider requests to revise the book Alcoholics Anonymous:
    • Add pages 3 through 41 of the pamphlet “The A. Group” as an appendix in the next printing.
    • Audit and revise the first 164.
  • Consider proposals related to possible Fifth Edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous:
    • Develop a Fifth
    • Develop a Fifth Edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous with updated stories and revisions to Appendices III and
    • Add a  proposed  addendum  to  a  Fifth  Edition  foreword  of  the book Alcoholics Anonymous at the time it is published.
  • +Consider development  of  a  draft  Fourth  Edition  of  the book Alcohólicos Anónimos.
  • +Consider requests to revise the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions:
    • To remove the phrase “opposite sex” from paragraph two on page 117 in the chapter “Step Twelve”
    • To reconsider use of the phrase “lustful enough to rape” in paragraph one on page 66 in the chapter “Step Six ”
  • +Consider request to add a subtitle to the booklet Living Sober.
  • +Consider requests to revise text related to open meetings in the pamphlet “The A.A. Group.”
  • +Consider request  to  revise  text  related  to  self-support  in   the  pamphlet “Frequently Asked Questions About A.A.”
  • +Consider revising the pamphlet “Questions & Answers on Sponsorship”:
    • Change the suggestion that sponsor and newcomer be of the same sex.
    • Expand the section on “Service Sponsorship” and retitle the pamphlet to include service sponsorship.
  • +Consider request to include a G.S.R. preamble in the pamphlet “G.S.R.: Your Group’s Link to A.A. as a Whole.”
  • +Review recovery literature matrix.

IX.     Policy/Admissions

  • +Review G.S.O.    general   manager’s   report    regarding   General   Service Conference site selection.
  • +Consider a proposed process for how a Conference committee could review, discuss, and act on proposed agenda items not forwarded to a Conference committee.
  • +Review the Floor Action process.
  • Review dates for the 2025 General Service Conference
  • Review and discuss the “Report on Translation and Interpretation of General Service Conference Material. ”
  • Review request for one observer to attend the 2021 General Service Conference.

X.      Public Information

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and Video:
    • Review the 2020 report on the Relevance and    Usefulness of Video and Audio Public Service Announcements.
  • Review contents of P.I. Kit and Workbook.

XI.     Report and Charter

  • +Discuss General Service Conference Final Report.
  • +Discuss A.A. Directories (Canada, Eastern U.S., and Western U.S.).
  • Review the draft of The A.A. Service Manual, 2021-2023

XII.   Treatment and Accessibilities

  • Review contents of Treatment Kit and
  • Review contents of Accessibilities Kit and

XIII.  Trustees

  • +Consider the revised “Procedures for a Partial or Complete Reorganization of the General Service Board, the A.A.W.S. or AA Grapevine Boards.”
  • Review resumes of candidates for:
    • 1.Southeast Regional Trustee
    • 2.East Central Regional Trustee
    • 3. Trustee-at-large/U.S.
  • Review slates of trustees and officers of the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous,
  • Review slate of directors of A.A. World Services,
  • Review slate of directors of AA Grapevine,