Area 59 – District 22 GSR Meeting Tuesday, June 8, 2021

1)         Open the meeting with the Serenity Prayer

2)         District 22 Roll Call – Officers; Elena B. DCM, Dan S. ADCM, Joe M. Treasurer, Frank W. Officer At Large/GSR Young Men’s St. Dominic’s, Drew GSR/GVR Life or Death, Sharon M. Secretary/GSR Stepping on the Line, Dave GSR Follow the Path, Ruthie P. GSR Gas Works, Kate C. GSR 164 & More, Ralph B. GSR J.A.M., John K. GSR Somerton Reality Group, Pat M. Temporary GSR N.U.T.S., Vlad GSR Pennypack Men’s, Sunny M. GSR Pennypack.

3)         DCM Elena B. attended the Mini Assembly on May 23, 2021:

  1. The Grapevine Board changed the Preamble to read, “Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who…” – effective July 2021 issue of Grapevine.
  2. Archives Item B: The committee reviewed the report on “Proposed Book on A.A. History” and took no action. The A.A. history is too large for one volume and a single volume is not sufficient.
  3. The sentence “lustful enough to rape” in paragraph one, page 66, Chapter “Step Six” of the book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, will be revised to refer to the Seven Deadly Sins without specific mention of examples.
  4. A revision be made to page 117 in the book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, replacing the phrase “mate of the opposite sex” with the work “partner”.
  5. The paragraph containing the suggestion that sponsor and newcomer be of the same sex on page 12 in the pamphlet “Questions and Answers on Sponsorship” will be revised.
  6. The U.S./Canada General Service Structure recognize online groups…The GSO Board will form a committee to explore future possibilities for the participation of online groups.
  7. 2020 Financial Highlights: 7th Tradition: $10.26 million set another record, up 15.80% from $8.86 million in 2019. Self-Support: covered 94.9% of cost of services compared to 69.8% in 2019. AAWS publishing gross profits: $6.58 million down 29.70% from $9.36 million in 2019. Service costs down.



  • AA Grapevine Workshop Saturday, June 19, 2021 – ONLINE – 12 to 4 p.m.

Zoom ID:  829 8605 2613  PASSCODE: 628025

** Please see attached flyer for this event!


4)         Treasurers Report; Joe M.  The beginning and ending balance was $4,427.53.

DONATIONS:  Groups and Individuals are encouraged to make Donations:

Venmo @ Joseph-McGarry-7 and please write “District22” in the remarks

5)         Old Business:  The GSR orientation was a success today!  Thank you to all who participated.  Elena B. suggested that a General Service Sponsor is someone who has service experience and can be very helpful while you are in your GSR position.  Ask someone today!

6)         Literature Review: by Ruthie P. – Frequently asked Questions about A.A.  Sharon M. will be giving next presentation.

7)         New Business:

  1. A) In person District 22 Meetings need to be discussed. Currently you need to wear a mask in the gym/bathroom.
  2. B) Joe M. made a motion to vote on July 13, 2021 meeting for a District 22 GSR member to chair the Traditions meeting once a month at Life or Death.
  3. C) District Inventory – Elena suggested we start thinking about doing a district inventory. There is a template we can use that has 14 questions.  We have 47 registered groups.  Currently we only have a small group of steady GSR’s attending the District meetings.
  4. D) Ruthie P. received the Grapevines that were addressed to “Ed”. She is going to call them to see what is going on.

8)         The Sixth Tradition: read by Joe M. Treasurer and discussed with group.

9)         Next Meeting Date; July 13, 2021 at 6:30 pm on Zoom

Meeting ID# 98611503189 Password 588932

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10)       Responsibility Pledge:    I am responsible…

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help,

I want the Hand of AA to always be there.  And for that “I am responsible”